Transcool 12v / 24v Dual Voltage Air Cooler Specifications

Simply Fill…. Plug in … Select fan speed..go!
The Transcool EC3 tri-voltage portable air cooler Use the one unit with either 12 volt, 24 volt or 240 volt power. The EC3 features Variable Speed Fan control, offering a full range of fan speed choice anywhere between off and high speed! The EC3 also features ‘Low Battery Voltage Cutoff‘ technology, reducing the risk of flat batteries! The Transcool portable air cooler is robust, compact, lightweight and has an extremely low power draw. Transcool is designed and constructed in Australia using local and imported components. Extremely low power draw –
    • Low -0.7 Amps (8 Watts)
    • High -1.7 Amps (21 Watts)
    • Low battery voltage cutout protection
    • Compact-
    • Length – 240mm
    • Height – 220mm
    • Width – 220mm
    • Lightweight 1.5kg weight
    • Quieter, powerful moisture proof electric fans with 70,000+ hours life span
    • Power fan capable of moving over 6.89m3/min (240 CFM) of air at a velocity of over 10.83 m/s (2187 ft/m)
    • Can deliver air up to 50% cooler (at the vent) than ambient air temperature (when using ice water)
    • Durable Evaporative filters with increased air velocity & life span (500+ hours*)
    • Simply plug into cigarette lighter socket
    • Easy fill screw cap lid with overfill protection
    • 4 Directional air vents
    • Variable speed fan
    • Strong and durable – seamless ABS plastic injection moulding ensures no leaks
    • Baffled for use in moving vehicles
    • FREE 5 Litre external water tank
    • 3 metre power lead with cigarette lighter socket
    • Fan noise level generally equivalent to your average car air conditioner
    • Use with solar power
    • FREE 240VAC to 12VDC Converter -use at home in a 240v power point
    • 24 month warranty (excluding filter pads and external water tank)
    • Condensation build up is not an issue using Transcool with adequate ventilation
    • Despatched to you next business day from Kyneton,Victoria
    • FREE return postage if warranty work is required
    • Worldwide Warranty Service Centres
* when used in dust free indoors environment
Conforms to European Standards
Conforms to European Standards