Transcool E3 FAQs

Transcool E3 Portable 12 volt – 24 volt evaporative air cooler

What is it?
Transcool E3  is a portable dual voltage, 12v or 24 volt evaporative air cooler. Pour 1.8 litres of water in through the lid, plug the 3 metre power lead into cigarette socket, select fan speed and away you go!
How cold will the Transcool E3 12 volt air cooler make my cabin or room?

The Transcool will not cool down a ‘room’ to a controlled temperature, this is where a refrigerated unit is required

Transcool is able to blow a cool breeze over the user whilst in front of the unit.

It  is a ‘personal spot cooler’ – delivering a cool breeze on you effectively at a range of up to 6-10′  distance.

Will the Transcool portable air cooler cool my room or vehicle like a built in air conditioner?

Quite simply – No!

  • A refrigerated air conditioning system is hard to beat, but useless without 110v electricity!
  • A refrigerated air conditioning system has many complex and expensive components. These systems require many permanently fitted parts such as a compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant gas to cool air. A vehicle or household air conditioner requires immense power to ‘drive’.
  • Evaporative cooling performance can differ depending on various conditions such as ambient temperature and humidity, but test results show that Transcool can deliver air temperatures up to 45% cooler (at the vent) than the ambient air temperature just using water at room temperature!
  • Temperatures at up to 50% cooler than ambient (at the vent) can be achieved using ice water.
  • Test results taken on a 40 (C) day with humidity at 12% showed a vent temperature at 21 (C) using just water at room temperature!
  • Transcool can provide you with  cool air that simply feels like HEAVEN!
How long will the EC3 water last?

Water usage with evaporative cooling varies on fan speed and ambient air temperature.

Under most conditions Transcool’s internal 1.7 liter supply will last all night on ‘low’ speed – adequate for cool air while you’re sleeping!

The great news is that no damage will result if you run the Transcool E3 out of water during use!

Transcool can be used without water in areas of high humidity, you can even add ice!

The E3 is also supplied with an external 5 liter tank for extended periods of use. The clear external tank features an ON/OFF tap and connects to the unit via hose.

The Transcool E3 uses an internal float system that automatically maintains the correct water level when using the external tank.

Transcool features a transparent water window to display level.

Will the Transcool work in humid areas?

The Transcool is surprisingly effective in humid areas!

We have used and sold these units around all areas of Australia with humidity levels of over 90% at times with surprising results.

We never claim that Transcool will cool down an area, but the feeling of the cool air blowing on your skin in humid areas is amazing!

How long will my battery last?

E3 only uses a maximum of 1.7 amps (on high speed)

This equals hours of cooling comfort – even without your vehicle running

You will generally find ‘low’ fan speed (0.7amps) more than adequate for sleeping.

For extended periods of cooling, use of a deep cycle battery or battery power pack is recommended.

The E3 features new Low Battery Protection to shut the cooler off if battery voltage falls below 11.5V

Results below display greater fan operation times using a 12v100Ah Deep Cycle LiFePo4 Battery.

  • LOW SPEED – 157 Hours*
  • HIGH SPEED – 59 hours*

*Test results using Transcool E3 with a 12volt 100Ah deep cycle battery pack until battery power was drained to 10.5 volts.

A deep cycle battery can supply power supply for a much longer period of time, and can be drained to a lower voltage than a standard car ‘starting’ battery, which has a primary purpose to deliver short, high energy bursts of current for vehicle starting.

Most caravans, 4WD’s and boats are fitted with secondary ‘deep cycle’ battery systems, sometimes with larger 100 amp hour batteries to provide extended power supply for appliances such as fridges and cooler’s etc.

The following results were achieved using a standard 12volt 60ah Lead acid car battery*, with Transcool E3 running until battery voltage was reduced to 12 volts – this ensures reliable vehicle startup!

  • LOW SPEED – 42 hours
  • HIGH SPEED – 10 hours

*Battery power draw examples were recorded using a fully charged Delkor 22F-520 (12volt 60 Amp hour) car battery, running the Transcool EC3 constantly until battery voltage fell to 12 volts (battery was not connected to car at time). Individual results may vary on depending on battery specification.

How much noise?

The sound level produced by the Transcool E3 Evaporative air cooler is similar to that of a car air conditioner/heater fan. This ranges from 46db (low fan speed) to 59db (maximum fan speed) at 1 metre.

The tone Transcool produces is a relaxing, steady weary drone – perfect to help dilute any annoying outside noises.

The Transcool evaporative air cooler can be used in nearly any environment and vehicle!

Contact us today to get one of these great evaporative air conditioning units!

For just $299 USD (plus postage) the Transcool E3 comes with all the accessories and components you need to get started, including a free external water tank and a free power transformer to use it with a regular power point. The Transcool is already an incredibly popular 12 volt portable air conditioner amongst campers, boaters, pet owners, travellers, transport workers and more.

Can I get spare parts for my Transcool?

Yes, we have any spare parts you may need for your Transcool.

Warranty terms and conditions

** Transcool warrants 24 months from date of purchase any E3 that does not perform correctly due to defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials. Our obligation assumed under this warranty is to the repair or replacement of the parts, without charge, which are defective and have not been misused, carelessly handled or defaced by repairs made or attempted by others. Consequential damages due to this product are not covered.

Warranty excludes air filter and external water tank.

The warranty is only valid if purchase receipt is supplied.

Warranty is not transferable with secondary sale of Transcool after original purchase, warranty is only valid with original purchaser.

The product can be returned free of charge (for warranty repairs) by you using our  prepaid return postage feature.

Return terms and conditions

Returns are accepted as per ACCC consumer laws which states a refund is only given if the item is faulty or does not match product description - so please read FAQ's carefully as we outline exactly what the Transcool will, and will not do.

Refund only given within 5 Days of purchase, Refund is unit purchase price less 20% (*refund does not include shipping cost if applicable)

Buyer is liable to pay return shipping

Item must be unmarked, complete and in original packaging with copy of purchase receipt.

Unit will be inspected by us upon return before refund is given.

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